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ACCEO Transphere is fully integrated with ACCEO’s management solutions


Simplify cash flow management and reconciliation

As a business owner or manager, it is important for your cash flow that your clients pay you quickly. Give your clients the option to pay your invoices by bank transfer or credit card, without any intervention on your part.

Automatisez l’envoi des factures en ligne

Send invoices automatically from your accounting system

ACCEO Transphere sends an email to your customers informing them that an invoice is available for consultation on the web portal.

Réduisez les risques d’erreur lors de la saisie des encaissements

Avoid errors linked to the manual entry of payment receipts

When a payment is received, the associated incoming payment entries are created automatically in your management software.

Éliminez les coûts liés à l’encaissement des chèques

Eliminate the costs associated with handling cheques

Going back and forth to the bank is a thing of the past! Receive your payments through a secure web platform.

Recevez vos paiements plus rapidement

Receive payments faster

Reduce the time between the moment that the invoice is issued, sent and when the payment is deposited in your bank account. Moreover, your customers can pay you in a few simple clicks.

Pay your invoices more effectively

Review the payments to be made to your suppliers, anywhere, anytime.
Gain control on the moment you want to pay your suppliers.

Visez la sécurité des données avant tout

Put data security first

With ACCEO Transphere, you no longer need to produce a file of payments to be made by EFT, or send it through your financial institution’s portal. Avoid corrupted files and transmission errors!

Contrôlez la date de paiement

Control your payment date

You have full control over the date a payment will be made, not your financial institution. Review the payments to be made through EFT with the secure web portal.

Frequently asked questions

If you agree with one of the following statements, ACCEO Transphere is for you.

  1. My company is currently receiving credit card payments and we spend a lot of time doing cash reconciliations in our management software.
  2. I would like to eliminate double data entry and reduce the risk of error.
  3. My company would like customers to access their bills and pay them online, without any intervention on my part.
  4. I do not want to be responsible for my clients’ credit card or banking information.
  5. I want to pay my suppliers by bank transfer without them having to provide me with their banking information.

Simply select “ACCEO Transphere” in the customer file and enter your email address. This very simple step will be explained to you by our expert during the ACCEO Transphere installation.

No. Invoices are generated in your management solution and automatically transferred to the platform. A message is sent to your clients inviting them to consult the invoice. Payments are made through the ACCEO Transphere web platform.

Yes. The statement, sent from your accounting software by email, will serve to notify your customers that invoices are ready for payment. Upon receipt, your customers will simply click on the payment link in one of the invoices that you sent them by email. The link will lead them to the ACCEO Transphere platform where your customers can pay all current invoices while simultaneously checking that invoice amounts match the totals indicated in your account statement.

Contact us at 1-800-862-5922 to discuss the package that best suits your business needs. One of our experts will then send you a subscription contract.

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