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Simplifly the management of your supplier accounts

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ACCEO Transphere is integrated with the following solutions from ACCEO

ACCEO Loisirs
ACCEO Municipal
Constat express

Eliminate cheque payments to your suppliers

As a financial manager in a municipality, it is important for you to simplify your supplier payments. ACCEO Transphere’s secured web-based payment functionality allows you to pay all your suppliers by money transfer, with just a few clicks.

Simplifiez la gestion de vos fournisseurs

Simplify the management of your supplier accounts

Simply invite your suppliers to create their account on the ACCEO Transphere platform. They will then enter their personal and confidential banking information in their account.

Éliminez les couts liés aux chèques

Eliminate costs related to cheque issuance and handling

By paying your suppliers through the ACCEO Transphere secured web platform, you reduce the costs associated with processing cheques.

Approuvez les paiements sur le Web

Approve invoice payments on the web portal

Out of the office? The ACCEO Transphere platform is a cloud solution, so you can approve payments to make on a secured web portal and pay your invoices on time!

A positive experience for financial managers

Frequently asked questions

Simply invite your suppliers to create an ACCEO Transphere account. A fully automated process manages sending and tracking invitations. Whenever a supplier account is created and validated by the ACCEO Transphere team, you receive a notice and the supplier form is automatically updated.

No, their account creation is free and there is no fee to receive payments.

Role management allows you to specify who prepares the payments and who submits them. It is also possible to determine the number of approvals required before sending out a payment.

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