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Receive payments more easily with ACCEO Transphere

By creating an ACCEO Transphere account, you can offer your customers the ease of paying you by bank transfer, thus simplifying your payments.

How does it work?
The funds are automatically transferred to your bank account and a notice of payment is sent to you specifying the amount, settlement date and invoices that have been paid.

Is it safe?
Your banking information remains confidential. You do not have to disclose this information to your customers. Banking information is stored by the ACCEO Transphere secure platform, in your profile, which only you can access.

Do I have to create multiple accounts?
You create a single account, once. Then, when other clients request to be paid through ACCEO Transphere, all you do is log into your account and establish the link between you and your client. When you create your profile, you can specifiy the bank account to be used by your financial institution when connecting to ACCEO Transphere.

How can I create my account?
Click on the “Start” button in the email sent by your customer. It will only take a few minutes to create your account. Quick and simple!